2010 Was A Great Year For British Poker Players With 5 Bracelets!

It wasn't so long ago that the British were hooting and tooting about their Golden Era In Poker and receiving rightful acclaim for the British Poker players that were fairly new to the worldwide scene and the newly formed WSOPE, otherwise named the World Series Of Poker Europe.

The future looked rosy with some dynamic British Poker players having participated in the Vegas event scooping five bracelets between them with a number of cashes in record breaking style. Yes 2010 was really quite an event with some of the big US players planning to head across the pond to enjoy the national delicacy of Fish & Chips whist polishing off these young British upstarts on their own turf at the WSOPE and inaugural WPT London.

Over the next few years it was expected with the fanfare surrounding the British Poker Players, heads could now be held aloft. Let the show begin, a new era was dawning and Cinderella was to go the ball. The British Poker Industry had finally got the country on the global map, national Poker celebrities were to spring up out of nowhere and the appetite for Poker in England had never been stronger.

Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson Of Texas Hold'em Fame had attended the EPO in 2009, but the talent from the homes shores had been the real attraction, with the likes of Dave Ulliott, Neil Channing, Marty Smyth, James Akenhead Julian Thew, Ross Boatman and Joe Beevers, where did these guys all come from, gosh almost enough for a football team!

Alas, as things were to progress, this original yearly event was to hit the skids, badly falling short in a Parisian Suburb followed by an announcement that this non-American Event would now share the stage on a new bi-annual basis with the WSOP-APAC .Now with the 2nd WSOP-APAC event having got underway at the Crown Hotel in Melbourne in October 2014, was this really bad news? Not really, the Football World Cup is every 4 years, the next WSOPE is only 2 for the British Poker Players, and will be far more keenly contested. What would the neutral rather watch? It won't be hard to figure that one out!

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