Here's How Broke Poker Players Can Start To Turn Their Fortunes!

One thing that will resonate with broke Poker players is that the feeling of winning can never eclipse the pain of being wiped out. How does one recover from such an experience? If they manage to make it and want to start building their game on solid ground for the future, what are some of the key things that they need to take on board so that they ensure that it never happens again?

Make no mistake, some broke Poker players do bounce back, but not without much searching deep within, then of course there are the professional players that have been there done it lost it and done it again, but how did they actually manage to accomplish such a seemingly impossible feat? Here are some things that are essential to the personal rebuilding process.

Goal Setting

How do you eat an elephant? Answer, one bite at a time. Break the yearly targeted income down into monthly. Say $10k a month with 100 hours at $100 an hour. Focusing on this versus the lure of a big one off hand, the player will be more level headed and constrained in their decision making.

Focus On The Moment Now

The only moment that ever matters in life is the moment now. What's done is done, what's to happen hasn't happened yet. The player should remove all emotion of what's gone on before so they are totally conscious of what they need to do now.

Remove The Emotions

Save the emotions for after the game when the player can either choose to celebrate or commiserate. Things have to "feel right" during the game, the game is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Gauge Personal Progress

When the player becomes indifferent and no longer hung up on a particular outcome, they're making progress.

Broke Poker players may use some of the above some of the time, very rarely will they use all of the above all of the time. For things to get better the player has to get better, for things to change, the player has to change. Taking the above on board and sticking with it diligently, will be key to future successes.

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