Not All Poker Champions Are American But Canadian Poker Players!

The very first Canadian Poker players took to the game around the same time it was making its way up the Mississippi River in America. There is even some talk that with Canada's own strong French contingent, it's quite conceivable Canada actually started playing the game earlier developing it from the French game of Poque, regardless of what was being played by the French populace of Louisiana.

Just as with some Canadian movie stars and pop singers, there are some famous Canadian Poker players that are often mistakenly thought to have been American. It will possibly be a big eye opener to many Poker fans to realize that some of Poker's biggest names around are not born and bred in the United States at all, but Proud Canadians competing at the very top of their games.

A very good example of this would be Daniel Negreanu, it's amazing at how many Canadians and American don't realize that Daniel is from Toronto, Ontario. He's won over $14m dollars in earnings throughout his tournament career, won 6 WSOP bracelets, been WPT champion a couple of times and is also a former Player of the Year at the World Series Of Poker!

Some other illustrious Canadian Poker Players frequently mistaken for Americans include Jonathan Duhamel. Jon was a Team PokerStars Pro, and was the first Canadian to pick up a Main Event Bracelet by winning the 2010 World Series Of Poker Tournament along with almost $10 million in live event winnings.

Other Canadian Poker earners include Mike 'Timex' McDonald, who at 22 years old had already been crowned an EPT German Open Champion, a second place winner at the Aussi Millions in 2008, three additional EPT final Tables, one WPT Final Table with total career earnings of almost $3m! Added to this list is Gavin Smith $5.6 Million in career earnings, and Sorel Mizzi with almost $4m during his career so far! It's time to head to the hilltops to proclaim to the world in a very loud voice, "These champions are all Canadians!"

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