Who's Some of The World's Richest Poker Players, Are They All US?

Looking at the current top 10 Richest Poker Players List, there are indeed some interesting characters that top the list. Some of them have emerged from the best online French casinos listed at the Casinoenligne-Franco organization. Take Number 1 Iranian Antonio Esfandiari, a young guy born in Tehran, Iran. After leaving school he went on to become a professional magician.

One day whilst impressing his audience with his magical feats, he was afterwards invited to a game of Texas Hold'em. His life was never to be the same from that point on. Antonio has since gone on to conjure earnings in excess of $25 million. What other interesting stories surround this elite group of the world's top 10 richest Poker players?

How about a young guy in Nottinghamshire England, who's career path was that of a professional soccer player. That is until he suffered two cruciate ligament injuries to his knee, one of the worse injuries a soccer player can suffer from.

So ended Young Sam Tricketts dream of ever playing the game professionally and fulfilling his and his father's ambition to possibly follow his footsteps.

Next he was to try his hand at plumbing followed by a trainee gas fitter. Surely if his feet were crocked, he must be able to apply his hands to something? He started playing Poker at his local Poker group. After winning 3 straight weeks he knew he was on to something big.

He was soon to see the downside, maxing out his credit card with debts of £1,500. Not knowing what to do he fessed up to his pop whom after a lengthy lecture paid it off for him. But Sam wasn't strong enough to stay away, he knew deep down he could turn it all around.

The next 6 months he saved 30k, flew to Vegas and returned with £125K. Back again to Vegas he won £250K, after losing that, in 2010 he returned again from Vegas with £500,000.

Now acknowledged as number 5 in the world's top 10 richest Poker players with a staggering stash of £12million at the age of 32, Sam's had more than his fair share of highs and lows, by any standard. What next for this local hero from Nottinghamshire one wonders? No doubt there's plenty more to come!

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